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Maemo > Meego > Sailfish October 4, 2012

Posted by rm42 in Computers, Gadgets, Linux.
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For those of you that are not familiar with Maemo/Meego, here is a brief explanation. Maemo was Linux distribution created by Nokia aimed at mobile devices and phones. It brought the feeling of a true Linux distro to its users, complete with packages one is used to have on the desktop.

N900 Multitaskting.
Not just an iToy.

I still have my N900 today (and a spare one in the box) and I love it. The latest app I installed was Marble. That is right, the full blown KDE Marble mapping application. It is awesome to be able to pull it out when reading a book to look at a map of the area *offline*.

Marble on the N900

Any way, after the N900 phone, Nokia tried to get some help in developing their OS by partnering with Intel. The idea of Meego came about. Meego was an atempt to merge Maemo and Mobilin, Intel’s version of Mobile Linux. But, then Nokia partnered with Microsoft and all that went down the tubes.

Now, however, a bunch of former Nokia employes have gotten together with the intention of realizing the Meego promise. They have created a company called Jolla, have managed to convince some investors of their potential, and are well on their way to produce the next big thing!

Here is the latest:

Jolla to unveil Sailfish next month!

Sounds promising, right? What do you think?