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No, I am not from another planet. But, all my life I have had to be an outsider, for one reason or another. Of course, there are some disadvantages to “not being from here”, but being an alien offers some advantages as well. I think the greatest advantage an alien has is the different perspective with which one can analyze things that other people simply take for granted.

I often find that I have something to say. I finally decided to express myself in a way that can reach those who may find my ideas interesting or beneficial. So, I hope that through this blog I will be able to provide some fresh perspectives on issues that interest me. And of course, I hope to be able to listen to your ideas on the same. I think it will be interesting. Lets see what comes from it.

To reach me privately you can send me a message at my gmail account: rmcorrespond.


1. Lamont - February 1, 2011


I like this site. Finding it was like finding a diamond in the rough truly. You’re very passionate about these topics and it shows. Personally, I’ve only begun to delve into the world of Python and other related languages. Aside from learning to code in Python, I’m an avid Linux enthusiast and was even more excited to see such words like, KDE, Open Source, & Gimp! So, I’ll be following this blog with acute interest. I certainly have questions for you, but I’ll have to review your site sufficiently so I don’t ask them unnecessarily.

2. Rian - September 21, 2011

Hey just wanted to leave you a message after reading and enjoying several of your blog articles. Quite a resource you’ve got there. Keep on writing and I wish you the best!

rm42 - September 21, 2011

Glad you found it enjoyable. Thanks for the kind words. And I wish you the very best as well. 🙂

3. Sayantan Mondal - January 31, 2015

I liked it. It rejuvenated my passion for coding after so many years

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